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Negotiating a resolution to advance your claims in court

A civil litigation case involves a private lawsuit between two or more parties when there is a disagreement on a legal matter. It may be about money, a desired object, or allegations that one party caused the other physical or emotional harm. In any case, you just want the matter settled and behind you. But civil litigation cases can be complex.

Going to court is not our objective. We can help gather documents relevant to your claim and defence, and craft a dispute management strategy to solve the legal issue.

When a trial is necessary, Harrison Pensa’s civil litigation lawyers are held in high regard as confident and capable litigators who are driven to advance your action and advocate for your claim. Trial experience is important. We offer years of practical experience, acquired at every level of court in Ontario and at the Supreme Court of Canada. We can also assist with commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Problems you need solved

  • Property damage and property disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Claims for personal injuries and tort claims
  • Claims for damage to your reputation (defamation or libel)
  • Complaints against federal, provincial and local governments
  • Other legal claims

The Team