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Product Liability

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Defending consumers like you

Whether products are electronic, health and beauty related, or consumable, every manufacturer has a responsibility to provide consumers with safe items. Accidents involving defective or malfunctioning products can cause drastic — even permanent — physical injuries and lifelong care. We will help you stand up to negligent product manufacturers.

Harrison Pensa’s product liability lawyers have decades of experience handling personal injury claims, including liabilities arising from products that fail or harm consumers. Our knowledgeable and caring lawyers will work to ensure you receive a proper medical assessment, communicate with doctors, and obtain evidence to establish the extent of damages from your injury. We aim to secure the maximum compensation because we don’t believe you should settle for less.

Helping people who’ve been affected by product liability accidents:

  • Injuries stemming from faulty wiring and loose blades
  • Chemical burns from defective household cleaners
  • Tissue and internal injuries from products designed to hold weight
  • Products that were significantly not as described
  • Sickness due to the consumption of poorly handled foods
  • Other injuries resulting from malfunctioning products

Seek compensation for a product liability injury.