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Animal and Dog Bites

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Animal attack & dog bite lawyers

Animals can be unpredictable and may attack unexpectedly. Dog bites are one of the most common types of animal injuries in Ontario. They can cause gnashes, scratches, falls, sepsis, tetanus, rabies, among other injuries and infections that require medical attention. Some animal attack injuries cause life-changing damage. You shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Harrison Pensa’s dog bite lawyers can provide helpful guidance and representation if you, a loved one, or a pet has been injured by an animal. Our firm is familiar with the Dog Owners’ Liability Act, and we aim to hold dog owners liable for any dangerous or violent actions from dogs or other animals. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team to resolve your case so you can get the medical or vet treatment you need.

Helping people affected by animal attacks:

  • Dogs that have bitten or attacked a person
  • Dogs that have bitten or attacked another domestic animal
  • Dogs that pose a menace to the safety of people or domestic animals
  • Pet owners that have not exercised reasonable precautions
  • Other animal attacks that result in personal injuries

Seek compensation after an animal attack.