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Head and Brain Injuries

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Legal analysis to seek benefits and compensation

Our brains control our thoughts, memories, breathing, movements, vision, and more. It’s a vital organ and when a brain injury occurs, it will often cause catastrophic impacts on a person’s quality of life and ability to function. It is therefore very important to seek medical attention and legal assistance when a head injury occurs.

Harrison Pensa’s brain injury lawyers can assist in every aspect of your claim, including investigations and legal analysis. We have years of experience, so we’re able to provide effective and compassionate legal representation as we seek long-term benefits and compensation. We directly communicate with treatment providers and your insurance company to ensure you receive the recommended rehabilitation for your recovery. Because you shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Helping people affected by brain injuries:

  • A bump or blow to the head
  • Concussion from a fall
  • Motor vehicle collision
  • Sports accident, especially contact sports
  • Medical negligence

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be entitled to receive compensation for your brain injury through a personal injury lawsuit.

The effects of a brain injury can affect a person’s life and ability to make a living for themselves and their family. These can include fatigue, impairments in speech, language and communication, difficulties in paying attention, and impairments in social skills. Brain injuries may also cause trouble with a person’s physical movement and can also result in vision problems or vision loss. Swallowing, reading, and hand and eye coordination can be affected by a brain injury. A person who has suffered a brain injury may also suffer with mood disorders and seizures.

Because symptoms of a brain injury can mimic those of other injuries and sometimes do not become known for days or even months after an accident, your insurance company may try to prove that your problems weren’t caused by the accident in question. Sometimes the full extent of a brain injury is not apparent until the victim tries to return to work. A lawyer who is educated about brain injuries can help to secure a positive outcome in your case.

People who have suffered a brain injury may require specialized care and therapy. Compensation may be available for loss of income, any needed home modifications, medications, medical treatments, physical therapy, and/or home-based care.

Seek compensation for a brain injury.