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Alcohol-Related Liability

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Commercial or tavern and social host liability

Overserving alcohol can lead to serious — even deadly — consequences. Alcohol-related liability cases often arise in situations where alcohol is served to a visibly intoxicated person. When it’s noticeable that a person is intoxicated and yet alcoholic drinks are still served, the establishment that served the alcohol may be at fault.

Harrison Pensa’s social host liability lawyers can help you assess your case. The nuances of Ontario law make it important for you to obtain professional legal advice to navigate the complications that result from an alcohol-related accident. Our experienced, compassionate team of personal injury lawyers will work to get you fair compensation.

Helping people affected by alcohol-related accidents:

  • Bar owners and bartenders
  • Restaurant owners and servers
  • Cashiers at liquor stores
  • Event planners and operators
  • Party hosts and homeowners

Frequency Asked Questions

In some cases, a person who serves alcohol can be held responsible for the actions of an intoxicated person. A bar owner or event operator may be liable if they serve someone alcohol to the point of intoxication. While the Supreme Court of Canada has held that a social host may not be responsible for those that consume alcohol in a host’s home, there may still be circumstances when a social host may be held liable.

In the case that the person who caused your accident got drunk at a bar, the bar owner could be sued and the bar owner’s insurance could pay any successful claim.

Seek compensation from social host liability.