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Protecting your intellectual property

Intellectual property holds tremendous value to businesses, but companies sometimes place too little importance on their IP. Intellectual assets must be protected to distinguish the business from their competition, make sure they actually own the IP they think they own, avoid risks of unknowingly using third-party proprietary content, or inadvertently losing valuable IP rights.

Harrison Pensa’s IP lawyers are well-versed in safeguarding creativity and innovation. As copyright lawyers and trademark lawyers, we enforce IP rights to help businesses preserve a competitive advantage. We can help you manage the ownership, registration, and use of IP to ensure your intellectual property is protected.

Helping protect intellectual property for businesses:

  • Registering and enforcing trademarks
  • Copyright
  • IP cease and desist letters
  • Employment and non-disclosure agreements
  • IP assignment and license documents
  • IP, Privacy, and IT issues when buying or selling a business

Intellectual Property FAQ

Here are some questions that Canadian businesses should ask about intellectual property. This is general simplified information, not specific legal advice.

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