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Guardianship & Power of Attorney

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Guardianship & Power of Attorney Lawyers

Whom do you trust to manage your money, property, and health care decisions on your behalf if you’re not capable? It’s a big question — and an important part of your estate planning and disability planning. If you become incapable of personal care or financial decisions and do not have power of attorney documents in place, then a person may need to apply to the court to be appointed as your guardian of the person and of your property.  

Harrison Pensa’s power of attorney lawyers can help you prepare for the unexpected by preparing powers of attorney for you. We also guide your attorneys to carry out their duties should they commence acting on your behalf.

If your loved one is or becomes incapable of managing their financial decisions, and there is no power of attorney in place, we can assist you to apply to the Court to be appointed as their guardian of property. Similarly, if they are not able to make their personal or health care decisions, we can assist you with an application to be appointed as their guardian of person.

Don’t forget: parents have no authority to manage their minor child’s money. So, if your child has assets greater than $35,000, we can assist you to apply to the Court to be appointed as your child’s guardian of property.

Helping establish and uphold power of attorneys and guardianships:

  • Power of attorney for personal care
  • Continuing power of attorney for property
  • Advising attorneys on their fiduciary duties
  • Assisting with applications for guardianship
  • Assisting attorneys and guardians with passing their accounts
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