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Estate Litigation

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Estate Litigation Lawyers

Disputes over the assets of a person who has passed away are often emotionally charged and legally complex. Harrison Pensa’s estate litigation lawyers advocate strongly and effectively for our clients, in all types of estate and related disputes and lawsuits, including:

  • Will challenges on the grounds of mental capacity and undue influence
  • Spousal and dependent claims against estates
  • Claims about Estate Trustee misconduct and poor performance
  • Power of Attorney and Guardianship disputes
  • Wills that have gone missing or which are unclear or contain mistakes

Our clients include high net worth individuals, beneficiaries, trustees, financial institutions, trust companies, and charities.

Our clients want strong and efficient representation. This often means gathering the evidence so that we can negotiate the best possible settlement for you without incurring unnecessary legal costs. However, when that is not feasible, our lawyers are well-trained and fearless advocates in court.

We also provide neutral mediation services in estate and related disputes, by a trained and experienced mediator with a respected background in estate law.

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